Brico Industries:
Manufacturer of Quality Fasteners History

Brico Industries Brico Industries

A two-man distributor opened for business in a 3,500 sq. foot warehouse on November 1, 1970 in Rosemont, IL. Thus was the start of "The Bright Name in Fasteners." In March of 1971 a small manufacturing plant was bought out and merged into Brico. The merge caused an expansion to 7,000 sq. feet. By summer of 1973, occupying 10,500 sq. feet of adjoining units, and still bursting at the seams, Brico added some additional storage in a neighbor’s unit and started looking for a new home A new building was found in Elmhurst, it had 26,000 sq. feet. After the end of the night shift on a Friday in November, machines were disconnected and the move started. By Monday morning, Brico was in production at its new home. The new building lasted until an addition was added in 1980. The company now occupies almost 40,000 sq. feet, as well as 7,500 in Fort Smith Arkansas.

Long term, good, knowledgeable people have been responsible for the success of the company. In 30 plus years, 19 employees have ended their working career and retired from Brico. Current employment includes 19 with more than ten years of service, and six with more than 20 years of service. Collectively, the current management team has 421 years of fastener experience.

Brico is proud of its record of service, reliability, on time deliveries of high quality manufactured products. Brico specializes in a policy of complete customer satisfaction, by supplying the customer a product, consistently, on a timely basis, at a fair price.

Brico Industries has a long history of using the philosophy now known as ISO9000 as its guiding principle. Brico has implemented a Quality Assurance and Tractability Procedure since the early 70’s, and is always striving for continuous improvement.

Brico specializes in manufacturing fasteners in aluminum, brass, stainless steel, as well as steel in #4 to 1/2 diameters up to 4" in length. It manufactures a wide variety of screws such as Thread Cutting, Multi Blow, Thread Forming, Tri-roundular, Thread Forms for Plastic, and Sheet Metal in virtually all drive styles such as 6-lobe, Phil Square, Square, Combinations, Tamper Proofs, as well as Cruciform types 1, 1A and 11.